How to love the job that you hate

Loving your job begins with ensuring that your values align with your employer’s mission. This is an important principle that I teach employees in my customer service trainings. It’s hard to work for a company that you hate. And at the root of such hate, you’re very likely to discover that your personal values simply aren’t in line with the company’s values.
unhappy worker
At a conference that I attended last weekend, the speaker added one more piece of advice. She said that if your job is a transition job – one that’s NOT your ultimate goal in life — do it with joy, with gusto, with gratitude. Because, when you do, your results will change for the better. This fantastic piece of advice goes back to what my mom taught when I was a little girl: “Whatever you do, do it well and with a positive attitude.” Thanks, mom! You were right, again.

Aligning your values with your company’s mission is especially important if you are a customer service agent. I’m sure you’ve had the experience in which you walked into a place of business only to be greeted by someone who looked angry to be there. And when this happens to us as customers, we automatically feel our defenses rise, and we become either afraid or feel guilty about asking angry staffers for help. Conversely, can you remember the feeling of being greeted by a smiling and happy person? How welcoming you felt? I know that it’s rare, but it still happens. Believe me.

Real world story: When I was in college, I worked for a local pizzeria. Like many jobs from our youth, it became very boring, quite fast. However, another co-worker always seemed happy. I asked her how she kept such a positive attitude and great outlook, and she said that her goal was to make the best pizza for each and every customer every day. And you know what? It worked like magic! Customers would call the pizzeria to praise her and rave about how great HER pizzas tasted. Not only was she fantastic at her job with customers, she was also helpful and great to her teammates. This created a positive and contagious buzz throughout the restaurant. Can one person cause positive change? In this restaurant it did, so I say YES! She deserves a Happy Pants button! (Email me to find out more information about these buttons and how they can be your vehicle to starting a postive buzz in your company.)

Strategies that Turn it Around:

1. When you wake up in the morning, turn your dread to joy about the day you’ll have at work. If you work in a transition job, remember that this is not your final destination.
2. Focus on one thing about your job that you enjoy: break time, lunchtime, a favorite co-worker, or payday. Think about this particular one thing until you feel some joy about your job.
3. Tackle every day with joy and gratitude! Period.

Remember: Sometimes life finds us in situations and predicaments that are not ideal. Instead of moping, approach each day with joy and watch your results and your attitude change before your eyes.

How have YOU dealt with “challenging” jobs? Please share your stories in the comments section below. I look forward to engaging with you and your comments.

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