Do you picture yourself as a leader on a new horizon?

Being a leader is position of ongoing personal evolution and continuous hard work. And it takes a lot of extending ourselves into areas that are, at first, uncomfortable. But, we can turn that discomfort into opportunites to think in new ways and do things in a new manner.

In my video, Seeing the Big Picture as a Leader, I teach you how to develop big picture thinking by seeking out new opportunities and finding new horizons. I give you the keys to step out of your daily zone to embrace new ideas and learn to from others, even from bad experiences.

Strategies that Turn It Around!

  1. Embrace ambiguity. Not everything in business is exact. And not everything fits into a neat package. We know this, but regardless, we always seem to fight this simple truth. As leaders, we need to be open to new possibilities and, more importantly, to diverse ideas. It is through diversity that we grow. Who wants to be a lump on a log, right?
  2. Learn from the bad. We don’t always win. We sometimes lose a bid to a competitor, lose a client because of bad service, or lose revenues on bad deals. But it all doesn’t have to be bad. We can actually learn from these and other bad exeperiences. Just remember that every experience is a learning opportunity. And if you ask any successful person how they came to know what they know, they’ll tell you it comes from learning about what not to do — learning from bad experiences.
  3. Learn from others. Learning shouldn’t have to be about what we experience only. We can actually save lots of time, effort, and greif by learning from others. You’ll be surprised how many other leaders and colleagues are more than willing to share their knowledge. We can also learn a lot from employees, customers, and — yes — from competitors, too. Don’t be shy about asking; everyone loves a good listener — especially when we’re talking about ourselves!
  4. Think outside the norm. I know, I know — we’d all love it if things just stayed the same always. It’s uncomfortable for us having to change and to extend ourselves into areas of uncertainty. But, as leaders, we need to continue to push our boundaries, to forge new ground, to think outside what is normal to us. Remember when we were kids, and we’d have the most outrageous ideas? Well, maybe it’s time that we starting thinking like kids again? Give it a try; you may just come up with something revolutionary!

Remember: As leaders, we need to develop big picture thinking. This means having to seek out new opportunities, new horizons.

What has been your greatest failure and what were the important lessons learned? What is the best thing you’ve learned as a leader? Please share your experiences in the Comments section below. I look forward to engaging with you and your comments.

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