A social experiment in “NO” goes completely wrong

This week, I’m sharing with you a short 5-minute video from a young man who is on a quest to get people to say “No” to his “special” requests. Caution: when experimenting, you should always be prepared for unexpected results.

Take a look at this video, then share your thoughts with me. Pay close attention to what happens at the end. I couldn’t have imagined such an ending, and neither will you. Also, notice how the turn of events makes the young man FEEL!

Click HERE to watch video.

Krispy Krene

 Strategies that Turn it Around:

1. Take the negative word “No” out of your vocabulary.
2. Ask customers questions to verify any “special” requests they make of you.
3. Research, if needed, to ensure you execute the “special” request properly.
4. Over-deliver on your “Yes” to maximize impact.

How do YOU handle “special” requests? Please share your inspiring — or not so inspiring — stories in the comments section below.

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