A Look at How Corporate Culture Can Make or Break Customer Service

Every now and then, I read an inspirational article that demonstrates how great customer service is still possible. Once such recent news story was about Quicken Loans and how it sped to the top of its industry, led by exceptional customer service. (To read the full New York Times article “An Oasis in a Desert of Customer Service,” click here )

Two Key Point about Quicken Loans:thCAXJ2P0T

  • Quicken Loans was rated highest in customer satisfaction among mortgage originators in 2010, 2011, and 2012, according to J.D. Power &Associates.
  • Quicken Loans has been ranked in the top 30 of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for 10 consecutive years.

The Key Question: How does an organization maintain such high service achievements for a consecutive 3 and 10 years, respectively?

The Answer:  culture.

Culture is the unique working environment that exists at every company, no matter how big or small. And it varies from company to company. Some company cultures are nurturing, while others are toxic. And culture is not limited within the four walls of your organization. It also extends to your social media presence as well. As Bill Emerson, chief executive at Quicken Loans, states in the article, “If you don’t create a culture at your company, a culture will create itself, … And it won’t be good.” It is, therefore, vital to take proactive and measurable steps to ensure that your company’s culture promotes great customer service – among team members and customers alike.

So how did Quicken Loans create its culture? According to the article:


Dan Gilbert, Founder

 Dan Gilbert and Bill Emerson, the founder and chief executive, spend a lot of time and energy instilling a very particular work ethos into employees.

Among other things, “what Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Emerson have done is create a set of expectations as well as a sense of community and mission. Employees at Quicken Loans have it hammered into them: care about the customer, sweat every detail, improvise when you need to, always deliver.”

These employees are also encouraged to enjoy their jobs.

These are powerful statements of proactive action, yet it’s not impossible to implement these strategies into your own organization.

Strategies to Turn It Around:

  1. Create and nurture a culture of service. Don’t let culture create itself!
  2. Take your mission and vision statements out of the drawer and share them with your team members on a regular basis. This will help you to set expectations and a sense of community and mission that everyone will buy into – from the top of the company hierarchy to the bottom.
  3. Indoctrinate all new employees to your company’s culture. And don’t be afraid to admit and take action when you’ve made a bad hire.
  4. Develop and monitor company “isms, a set of pithy summations of principles” that will help keep all of your team members on the same track to great customer service. Consistency is key here.
  5. Give employees reasons to enjoy their jobs. Be creative and resourceful: anything from casual Fridays to lunchtime Ping-Pong tournaments.

Remember:  Every company has a culture. If you haven’t taken the time and put in the energy to nurture one, then you probably have the wrong culture.

What do YOU think of the New York Times article? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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