Are Good Manners a Thing of the Past?

It seems that every new generation gets further and further away from good etiquette. Are good manners no longer in vogue or perhaps I just have high expectations? Am I alone on this because I’m too focused on customer service as a profession?

This past holiday season, I received the worst customer service ever! And I experienced this letdown in service from many different establishments. So now, I’m left to wonder what’s going on.

Why can’t the hostess at my once-favorite restaurant make eye contact with me? Why does the mad-waitressemployee at my go-to home improvement store hand me a damaged item and then disappear? Why does the counter person of my often-used airline refuse to help me — or her overwhelmed colleague who’s sitting right next to her?

It’s absolutely no surprise why customers today are so angry, frustrated, and RUDE!

And the biggest question of all to business owners: how much money are you losing because your employees lack good manners? Always remember that repeat customers constitute a huge portion of your revenues. And it takes a lot less capital to keep customers than to acquire new ones.

I recently read an article that recommended to its readers to be exceptionally nice to hotel employees in the hopes of getting free upgrades, amenities, and other goodies. However, from personal experience, I find it extremely difficult to be nice to someone who is rude! Oh, don’t get me wrong; I always start out nice – always. But, if my kindness is met with indifference, I find it difficult to maintain that positive spirit.

Check out this 3-minute video that talks about this very subject.

The good news is that companies that are outperforming competitors are the ones that deliver consistently GREAT customer service. Even greater news, with a little training of your staff, you can be a business that outperforms the competition — consistently! It’s not expensive. It’s not rocket science. It’s simply good manners. 

Strategies to turn it around:

1. ALWAYS greet your customers with a smile! (Yes, even if you’re having a bad hair day! Good manners mean keeping your customer at the center of all transactions.)

2. ALWAYS be nice! (Mama said it, and I agree – “Fill them with kindness” and don’t forget the “please” and “thank you.”)

3. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

As ususal, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Feel free to leave them below!

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