Week 31 – Flight attendent was missing ZAMitude!

   By now, we’ve all heard the news about the flight attendant that lost his cool and evacuated out the emergency exit of the plane.  Although the pieces of the story vary, we all get the gist:  the combination of luggage falling on his head and rude passenger behavior caused this man to ‘lose it’. 
      It started me thinking.  Have I ever gotten so fed up teaching seminars that I would drink beer, cuss at the participants, then leave in the middle of the seminar and drive home?  Not yet, at least.   In fact, the thought has never even crossed my mind.  That flight attendant said he had thought about doing his dramatic exit  for the past 23 years!!!!! He definitely did NOT have ZAMitude.  ZAMitude would not have you doing a job that made you so miserable for so long – unless you had an outlet for your anger AND had something else to do that you enjoyed – like playing beach volleyball. 

Z-Tip:   If you are so upset with your job that you think about jumping out of airplanes every day for 23 years, perhaps it’s time for a new job.

2 Responses to “Week 31 – Flight attendent was missing ZAMitude!”

  1. 1 Matt Sullivan August 20, 2010 at 2:28 am

    My all-time favorite software training story, and the closest I’ve come to “exiting the aircraft”:

    A student pesters me all morning, capped by using the phrase “Bite me” 20 times in a class exercise.

    I finally had to take a break to explain that she was welcome to stop or leave, but that I’d already been paid & if she couldn’t stop I was leaving.

    She broke down crying (talk about passive-aggressive) & was tolerable thru that day.

    The next morning, every corporate VP with a student in my class came by to “say Hi”, slap me on the shoulder, and ask how things were going…
    needless to say, I had no problems with her for the remainder of class!

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