Week 28 – I just wanted some sunglasses!!!!!!

I was in desperate need of a pair of sunglasses.  The two pairs I had were either broken or lost.  It was a simple task to complete.  Since I’m not a savvy shopper, I decided to go to the mall in hopes of finding an inexpensive pair of glasses as well as some assistance on what style looks good on my long, narrow face.  As I walked down the mall, I passed a kiosk that was advertising sunglasses as “2 for $20.”  Sounded great to me.  I approached the kiosk and immediately started trying on glasses.  The sales girl was talking with another sales girl and did not seem to notice me so I moved closer to her so I was directly in front of her.  After a few minutes, the second girl walked away and the first sales girl approached me.  I said I needed some glasses but was not sure which shape I should get.  She seemed a little bothered and suggested a few different frames then went to the other side of the kiosk.
             The second girl returned and the two resumed their intense conversation.  I really needed some help and was growing impatient.  I, again, walked over to the sales girls but now they were standing in front of the counter of sunglasses – so much so that I had to lean over them to reach the glasses.  They didn’t look at me, budge, nothing.  Disgusted, I walked away.  Neither girl displayed ZAMitude and they lost my business and who knows how much other business as well.
         A few stores down I found a Sunglass Hut.  The second I walked in, one of the sales girls said, with a bright and cheery face and tone, “Hello, How may I help you?”  I was immediately pleased.  I told her I was looking for an inexpensive pair of glasses to fit my long, narrow face.  She dropped everything and started bringing me pair after pair and giving me feedback the whole time.  She made this process fun and easy and I ended up buying a pair for 80 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I intended on spending 20 and ended up spending 80 – all because of the customer service and her ZAMitude.

Z-Tip:  Good customer service reps have and show ZAMitude.  Try it – it beats your competition every time.

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