Week 19 – Exercise is not a 4-letter word!

     I don’t know about you, but I dread the thought of “exercise”. Now, don’t get me wrong – I work out a lot and am in pretty good shape.  There’s nothing like the feeling of a good work-out session and the sense of satisfaction WHEN IT’S OVER!!!!!  In fact, if I work out in the morning I feel good about myself the rest of the day.  Then why do I dislike that word so much?
        Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines exercise as “bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness.”  Bodily exertion?  Hmmmmmm, perhaps that’s a better term.  So the next time I go to the gym I’m tell my husband I’m going to bodily exert myself and be back in an hour and a half.  OK, so that may not be the perfect solution, at least it’s something different.  
        One more thought:  Have you ever noticed that when you’re doing something fun – like playing beach volleyball, of course – it doesn’t seem like exercise?  That must be the solution.  If we can bodily exert ourselves for just 10 minutes a day doing something we enjoy, we’ll all be in better shape.  How’s that for your tip of the week?

Z-Tip:  Exercise (bodily exert) yourself for 10 minutes a day doing something you enjoy. You just might get in shape – and improve your KhoZAMitude – in the process.

1 Response to “Week 19 – Exercise is not a 4-letter word!”

  1. 1 Josie May 23, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Finally I have logged onto your blog and see what a cool thing you are doing. Khozamitude is the way to go. My mother is all about the power of positive thoughts, so I am going to refer her to your messages.

    Believing is achieving, so more power to you.


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