Weeks 17-18 – What happened to good customer service?

It seems to be everywhere.  It seems to be happening more frequently.  It seems like no one even cares.  What am I talking about?  Yep, once again, it’s poor – no not even poor, but lousy customer service. Have we simply grown accustomed to it?  Do we really expect so little?  I hope not.  Let me share some experiences over the last couple of weeks to illustrate this ever growing pattern of pathetic customer service.
               My husband and his brother chose to eat at a newly opened restaurant called BJ’s.  Upon arrival, they were greeted by an unsmiling hostess who said “May I help you?”  (Whatever happened to “Welcome to BJ’s!”)  When asked about the wait, she said she could seat them outside immediately. They sat down, were given menus, and did not see a server for 10 minutes.  Finally they waved a server down and she appeared reluctant to serve them and unwillingly took their order.  She said she would be back with their drinks.  20 minutes later, they had no drinks and there was no sign of the waitress.  They were hungry and fed up and got up to leave.  As they were walking out, they passed a very young manager and  told him what had just happened.  He looked confused, didn’t offer any apologies or any consolation and said he will investigate it, but did not stop them from leaving. 
      My husband and his brother walked next door to the Macaroni Grill.  Immediately upon entering they both noticed a foul smell. They mentioned the smell to the hostess who said “Yeah, it’s the bar.”  They asked to be seated away from the bar.  However, the smell got worse as they moved into the restaurant.  my husband suggested the hostess open the doors and windows.  Her only reply was “I’ll have to ask my manager.”  My husband and his brother could not stand the stench so they left.  The hostess offered no help or advise and didn’t really seem to care.  
       Next they walked to the Red Robin – by this time they were both starving.  They were seated quickly, but the waiters did not seem to notice them – it’s as if they were ghosts.  Again, they had to call for the waiter’s attention.  They finally got their food – chicken salads with 3 tiny, cold strips of chicken on them.  Hardly worth the price they paid.  They both decided it was better to stay home and cook than eat out.

This whole process took about 2 hours.  AND the staff members could not have cared less.  I just don’t get it!  Whatever happened to the smiling host/hostesses?  Whatever happened to being treated with respect and kindness?  Whatever happened to the customer is always right? Call me old-fashioned.  Call me whatever you want.  All I know is that a little respect and KhoZAMitude goes a long way.

Z-Tip:  If YOU work in a customer service position, PLEASE SMILE and be considerate to customers.

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