Week 14 – What happened to manners?

    Maybe I noticed because it was Friday.  Maybe I noticed because I had been teaching customer service classes all week.  Maybe I noticed because I was tired.  Whatever the reason, during my travel from White Plains, NY to San Diego via Chicago O’Hare, I encountered poor attitudes (baditudes) and just plain crummy customer service.  I’ll share 3 specific incidents to support my claims.
      1.  After going through security at the White Plains airport – which is a tiny, 2-gate airport – I approached the one and only ticket counter.  This was one very long counter and 4 random workers standing behind the counter either doing nothing or talking to each other.  I approached 2 female workers who were chatting and said “Excuse me, I’m on stand-by…” I was interrupted by one of the women who abruptly said  ”Which airline?” To which I replied “United.”  She said “That’s over there” (pointing a foot away from her) “and they’re in the back.”  She immediately turned back to the other woman.  No smile, no help, nothing.  Geez, she really needed to attend my customer service training and she needs to get KhoZAMitude.  
    2.  In the Chicago O’Hare airport, in the C Concourse, at the food court, I stood in line behind 2 gentlemen at the ice cream counter.  The young female worker said to me very rudely “The line goes the other way.”  The male customer at the beginning of the line turned back to us and said with a cringe on his face “My fault.”  There were now 2 of us left in line.  The male worker took the order of the man who was next, and the female took my order – a cup of chocolate yogurt.  She placed it on the counter, turned to the man and said “$5.01”.  The man didn’t do anything since he thought that total was for me and had a confused look on his face.  She saw his confusion and said “You ordered the smoothie, it’s $5.01.”  Shocked, he said “Oh” and quickly fumbled for his money.  I can honestly say she was the rudest person I have ever encountered in a customer service setting.  All I can think is  unbelievable.  Perhaps she is related to the girl in New York?  She also needs my customer service training and KhoZAMitude.
    3.  I continued my journey in the Chicago O’Hare airport,  and took the escalator down to get to my gate. I had my yogurt in my left hand, the paper under my arm and pulled my luggage and briefcase with my right hand.  About 6 feet from the bottom of the escalator, I drop part of the paper.  Behind me was a  young girl carrying only a purse.  She said “Ma’am, you dropped something.”  Since my hands were full, I couldn’t pick it up.  Instead of helping me, the young girl stepped over the paper, brushed past me and continued on her way.  Therefore, I had to stop, prop my luggage against a rail and go back and get the darned paper.  I couldn’t believe she didn’t help me.  I know for a fact that if the tables were turned I definitely would have provided assistance – and felt good about it.  I wished I could have given her a KhoZAMitude wristband.

Z-Tip:  When confronted with a bad attitude (baditude),pause, smile and show them your KhoZAMitude. Perhaps THEY are having a bad day!!!!

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