Week 13 – A funny thing happened…

(The names in this blog have been changed –  just in case.)
Last weekend my volleyball partner, “Jennifer”, set up some games for us down at South Mission Beach.  We were supposed to meet “Lisa” at 9:45am.  We would be her 2nd round of players.  Jennifer and I agreed to meet at 9:30am to warm up.  So, Sunday morning I arrive at the beach at 9:30am and immediately scan the beach for Lisa.  I look and look and finally spot her at the farthest court away.  Upon arriving at the court, Lisa looks at me, smiles and says “Hey!”.  I return the smile and the “Hey!” – no names were exchanged.  I stand there watching her play and wait for a break in the action.  When one occurs I say to her “Are you going to be ready for us in 15 minutes?”  She has a puzzled look on her face and says “We are only on game 3, it will be awhile.”  To which I reply “Aren’t Jennifer and I supposed to play you when you’re done?”  She, again, looks puzzled and says “Oh, that must be another group, its’ not us.”  Hmmmm, now I’m confused.  I sit down next to the court and text my partner “Lisa has no recollection of us coming today.”  At this point I’m kind of disappointed and frustrated because now we won’t get to play at all and I could have slept in.  So, I sit there and wait.  
      After a few minutes, I hear Lisa say to herself in disgust “Come on Cindy!”  Cindy?  What?  Oh my gosh, Cindy is Lisa’s twin sister.  I was actually sitting at the court of Cindy, not Lisa.  OOPS!!!!  What the heck am I supposed to do next?  So, I continue to sit there until I see Jennifer arrive and I see  her walk to the farthest court away – the court where Lisa was playing!!!!  I silently gather my belongings and leave without saying a word – laughing inside, hysterically, the entire walk to the court.  Of course I had to tell my story of mistaken identity. At the very least, it made everyone feel better that it happened to me and not them.

Z-Tip:  Don’t assume anything about anybody-  you just might end up at the wrong court.

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