Week 3 – Tell me, not the whole group!

Last week I attended a networking event for the second week in a row.  My first encounter with the group was 2 weeks ago.  From the second I walked in, I was happy to be there.  Everyone was smiling and friendly.  Most of them introduced themselves to me and made me feel extremely welcome.  This first meeting involved the changing of the officers ceremony.  After the formal procedure, the new and past presidents did a goofy little skit where they brought out toy guns and pretended to have a gun fight.  It was lighthearted and fun.  
                In the meeting last week, one week after the “event”, the meeting was just getting started when a gentleman raised his hand and asked to speak.  By the way, this person was not at the previously mentioned inauguration.  He proceeded to berate the new president for the childish behavior of the previous meeting and told him how inappropriate it was to use guns in light of our country’s sensitivities to guns and violence.  He voiced his opinion for at least 2 minutes.  While he was talking, I looked at people’s faces.  All of them, but one, had a look of puzzlement and confusion, including myself. I could see how uncomfortable everybody felt.  When the angry man was done, the new president, very calmly and professionally apologized for the incident and explained how there was no harm intended.  The president was amazing.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’m not sure I would have been so in control and well-spoken.  That president exhibited KhoZAMitude in every way. 
      Driving away from the meeting, I started thinking.  How could that angry man have communicated differently?  My thought is that if he had a problem with the president’s behavior, he could have confronted the president, alone –    not in front of the whole group.  I bet if he had done that, the president still would have apologized to the group and the uncomfortable feeling it created for everyone else would have been avoided.

Z-Tip:  If you need to confront someone, get your KhoZAMitude and DO IT PRIVATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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