Children are teachers too

Recently I attended a 2-year old birthday party.  It’s interesting watching the kids and even more entertaining watching their parents running after them.  I felt sorry for the spouses that came with out their significant other.  They never seemed to get a break. 

Although the little angels seemed full of joy and laughter most of the time, there were times when that laughter turned to  screaming in a matter of seconds.  AND there seemed to be 2 different types of screaming. There was the fake screaming -when another kid “stole” the toy of another.  That never seemed to last that long.  Then there was the true, something is wrong screaming.  Upon careful observation, it seemed the cause of the “life-is-so-hard-right-now” scream was one of 3 things: they were either hungry, sleepy or had just done something in their diaper. 

Driving home from the youth-filled event, I started thinking.  This theory is true with adults isn’t it?  Just think about the next time you get cranky.  Did you skip breakfast and lunch, only drinking coffee and eating doughnuts and just yell at your friend, boss or colleague?  Did you stay up all night drinking, forget to eat anything then wonder why you exploded during the board meeting?  or why you can’t stop yelling at everyone elses poor driving habits.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to get testy and my husband will shove a sandwich in my mouth.  Works every time.

Z-Tip:  The next time you are cranky (have a Baditude) eat some protein or take a nap (and make sure a bathroom is nearby!)

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