Week 2 – “Kitchen Nightmare” ‘Tudes

The other night, I was walking by the living room and observed my husband watching the show “Kitchen Nightmares” with the host, Chef Gordon Ramsey.  My husband was laughing so loud that I had to see what was going on.  (For those of you who don’t know the show, it’s about a very dynamic chef who goes to restaurants and helps them go from struggling to successful.)

This particular restaurant had 2 main owners.  One, we’ll call him Mark, was extremely egotistical.  He had an Egotude.  He never took responsibility for anything.  Here are some examples of his actions;

  • When Chef Ramsey discovered that their “Maine” lobsters were actually from Canada, Mark said “They’re both lobsters.” 
  • When an employee asked why they didn’t have a rule about wearing aprons, he asked her why she would have a drink after work. 
  • When a customer sent back a dish because there was sand in it, Mark told the customer “There’s supposed to be sand in it!” 
  • Mark would sample the food made by Chef Ramsey and say “This is horrible.”  To Ramsey’s face, he would say “Your food is brilliant.” 

Marks’ employee’s obviously disliked him.  They even said the restaurant ran more smoothly on days he was absent.  (I’ve heard many employees say the same things when their boss is out of the office!)

The second owner, we’ll call him Joe, was positive, kind, flexible, and professional.  He praised the employees, was happy and kind to the customers, and had a gentle disposition.

When Chef Ramsey polled the employees, anonymously, and asked who they WANTED to be the main contact person, the unanimous answer was JOE!!!!!!!!!!!

This story is a perfect example of someone with a bad attitude (Baditude) and one with a more powerful attitude (KhoZAMitude). 


Baditude=unhappy employees=dissatisfied customers=NO profits.
KhoZAMitude = happy employees = happy customers = 
                                                 HAPPY profits!!!!!!

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