It’s all in the smile!

My first experiment of my 365 day project was to make a conscious effort to SMILE.  Will people look at me funny?  Will mothers grab their children and run?  We shall see.  AND I purposely chose to wear sweat pants, a sweat shirt, my hair in a pony-tail and very little make-up. 

The first stop was the dry cleaners.  A place I’ve only been to once.  I walked in with a HUGE smile.  The woman behind the counter looked at me, smiled back and said “Well hello.  How are you today?”  she was extremely happy and friendly.  Perhaps she was having a good day.  Hmmmmm, we’ll see if this continues. 

Second stop – Trader Joe’s.  Now, these people are usually friendly anyway, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when the cashier joked with me about leaving my keys in the basket.  Two down, one to go. 

Third stop – Von’s.  Again, with a HUGE smile, I began my journey.  I started in the produce department.  The produce man smiled and said “May I help you?”  I moved on to the meat department.  Not 1 but 2 Von’s employees approached me with huge smiles and said “Are you finding everything ok?”  The check-out person returned my HUGE smile with one of his own and we even joked about how to pronounce my last name. 

Wow, what a positive experience.  These people all exhibited KhoZAMitude – as did I.

Z-Tip:  Smiling is contagious and brings out KhoZAMitude.  Smile more often!!!!!

1 Response to “It’s all in the smile!”

  1. 1 roundpeginc January 19, 2010 at 4:33 am

    Good luck with your project…looks like one of those that can only have a good outcome!

    You get what you give…social media sure makes a great example of that!

    -Matt S.

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